GOP Members Pummel Biden in New Press Conference

The White House is in a position of trying to do major damage control, amid one bad decision after the other. For months now, the Biden administration has been tanking in polls. More and more Americans are tiring of this administration and its foolishness. 

Biden’s pushing seven months in office now; yet, the damage he’s done to the United States as president is downright unbelievable. It has many Americans now asking themselves what kind of position the country will be in once 2024 gets here. 

Anyway, Biden’s approval ratings are still tanking; meanwhile, his disapproval numbers are going through the roof. 52% of the nation now disapproves of the 46th president; meanwhile, only 46% approves. 

On Thursday, a group of Republican lawmakers convened in Washington D.C. to call out the horrors of the Biden administration thus far, per Fox News

The GOP on Biden’s Leadership

Republicans ripped into President Biden with a vengeance on Thursday. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called out this president specifically for the disastrous policies that America is now suffering from.

McCarthy also drew attention to the reality that while voters are dealing with more crime in their communities, they’re also paying more money for the basics in order to live. The House Minority Leader finally stated that had Biden gotten elected and done absolutely nothing whatsoever, the nation would be in a better position than it’s in now. 

The GOP leader’s remarks are far from unfounded or unshared. Many Americans are frustrated that the costs of living are going up. Even some of Biden’s own base has taken to social media sites like Twitter to complain; certain folks are now admitting that they regret voting the current president into office. 

The Mask/Vaccine Fiasco 

McCarthy furthermore called out the Biden administration for its flip flopping on masks. Weeks ago, Biden and Harris stated that vaccinated Americans no longer needed to wear face masks; they made a point of noting that getting the vaccine was key to removing the masks. 

Of course, the Biden administration reneged on this. They are now joining the CDC in pushing for vaccinated people to wear masks. Democrat leaders across the nation are also restoring mask mandates, even for folks who are fully immunized against COVID.

The House Minority Leader called this out, noting the clear contradictions. Like other Republicans, McCarthy also pointed out that issuing mask mandates for vaccinated Americans undermines the vaccine and does nothing to encourage unvaccinated folks to roll up their sleeves. 

Do you think Republicans are right to call out President Biden for his failed leadership and the adverse consequences stemming from his policies? How much more damage do you think Biden will do to America? Let us know below in the comments section.