GOP Mocks Seattle For Absurd Predicament

GOP Mocks Seattle For Absurd Predicament

( – Seattle, Washington has been a left-wing “utopia” for years. The Democratic politicians are as ridiculous as you’d expect, and this week they proved it. City Hall and six blocks downtown were taken over by protestors and they declared it some kind of anti-cop zone.

Republicans can’t believe how absurd it is.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke to Sean Hannity on June 10 and mocked the Left for their problem in Seattle. The lawmaker said the city is now Antifa’s new capital. He went on to say that if their plan is to defund cops and take away Americans’ guns, then the Republican doesn’t want any part of “Woketopia.”

President Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be as amused as some other members of his party. He made it very clear on Thursday that if the officials in Woketopia don’t take their city back, he’s going to do it for them.

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