GOP Promotes Voter ID in New Ad

The Democrat Party is terrified of secure elections in America. This is why they’ve been coming guns blazing against Republicans who are presenting election security bills. Ultimately, Democrats are doing what they always do: cry racism without citing any facts to justify these claims. 

Time and time again, Democrats continue to attack conservatives looking to ensure that all future elections in the U.S. are secure. That’s why President Biden sent the Department of Justice after Georgia’s election security legislation called S.B. 202. It’s also why Biden and other Democrats continue to attack states that have passed election security legislation. 

As it turns out, however, Republicans aren’t going to take these attacks laying down. The GOP is standing up, sticking to the facts, and not allowing misinformation to control the narrative. That’s why the Republican Party recently put out an ad in Texas promoting voter ID, as Breitbart News reports. 

The GOP’s Latest Ad on Voter ID in America

In Austin, Texas, the Republican Party ran an ad centering on the truth and facts about voter ID. RNC official Melvin Everson spoke about the extensive use of photo ID in America; Everson also noted that he himself uses ID in order to fly on airplanes, go to a ballgame, and otherwise live in normal society. 

Shortly thereafter, Everson ripped Democrats for alleging that black Americans are somehow incapable of obtaining photo ID. The RNC official explained that Democrats ultimately believe that voter ID at the polls will hinder their ability to win elections. This is the root reason why they continue to attack conservatives’ election security bills. 

It’s also why Democrats seek to pass an elections takeover bill called For the People Act. This particular piece of legislation would strip states of their power to run elections, pad the Democrat Party’s political campaigns, and more. 

Despite the reality of the situation, Democrats have made it apparent that they’ll continue to attack any work to have secure elections in America. 

Speaking Truth to Power

At the end of the day, the best anecdote against Democrats’ lies is speaking truth to power. In the case of election security, it means continuing to push back against false narratives which assert that voter IDs are racist.

It also means Republicans not being deterred from working on election security legislation, no matter how much Democrats kick and scream racism. When it’s all said and done, the only folks with something to lose from election security laws are those looking to commit voter fraud. 

What do you think about the latest GOP ad revolving around voter ID in the United States? Do you believe Republicans should continue to fight for safe and secure elections? Give us your views in the comments section below.