GOP Votes NO on $2,000 Stimulus Checks

"2019 White House Christmas" (Public Domain) by The White House

The American people are not very happy with Congress right now.

As of today, 12 million individuals lost their unemployment benefits; in order to prevent this, Republicans and Democrats in Washington would have needed to pass more COVID-19 relief prior to Thanksgiving. This new loss in benefits now has many Americans left out in the cold with little hope.

“2019 White House Christmas” (Public Domain) by The White House

Towards the beginning of this week, Congress finally managed to reach an agreement on new coronavirus relief. However, this relief entailed $600 stimulus payments for Americans; this amount is one that both GOP and Democrat leaders alike have described as simply not enough.

However, other Republicans, such as Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, are criticizing “free money Republicans” for voting to spend money that the government simply doesn’t have.

In the wake of backlash against proposed $600 stimulus payments, the GOP voted no deal on stimulus checks amounting to $2,000, confirms Newsmax.

The Truth About $2,000 Stimulus Payments

Stimulus checks of $2,000 are more than three times the $600 payments that Republicans and Democrats initially agreed upon.

According to GOP officials like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others, the money for stimulus payments of $2,000 simply isn’t there. Likewise, congressional Republicans are also warning that payments of this nature wouldn’t be targeted to the groups most in need of them.

The prospect of $2,000 stimulus payments may not ever come to fruition. Lawmakers had enough trouble reaching an agreement on the stimulus package that involved $600 checks; furthermore, even that piece of legislation engendered pushback from Republicans who viewed the spending as reckless.

Proposing over thrice the amount of initial spending for stimulus checks doesn’t appear very realistic, all things considered. Still, news of the GOP’s vote against stimulus checks amounting to $2,000 triggered blowback from Americans in favor.

Finally, a recent poll from Business Insider confirmed that 62% of Americans perceive $600 stimulus checks as “too small.”

The Monday and Tuesday Votes

On Monday, December 28, House members will convene for a vote on whether to support or upturn President Trump’s recent veto of the congressional defense bill. Then, on Tuesday the 29th, member of the Senate will cast their votes regarding the president’s latest veto.

Left-wing lawmakers in Washington have indicated that they will push for a vote via roll call to ram through $2,000 stimulus checks along with funding to stop a possibly imminent government shutdown.

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