Growing Number of Americans Hiding Their Political Views

The political climate in the United States continues to become more divided and polarized. Views on matters like critical race theory, the U.S.-Mexico border, whether or not Biden fairly won the 2020 presidential election, etc., are each hot buttons in the current political world. 

Political discourse is a healthy American pastime; however, not everyone feels as comfortable with engaging in this pastime as they once did. Some people don’t feel like getting into political arguments online or with loved ones; others simply prefer to stay out of the fray altogether. 

Whatever the reason(s), political self-censorship is here. According to Townhall, more than six in ten Americans are willingly choosing to keep their views on politics to themselves. 

Fear of Talking About U.S. Politics 

Polling from Cato University confirms that the majority of Americans carry reservations about openly expressing their political views. Right now, the poll shows that 62% of U.S. citizens elect to stay mute about where they stand on politics; this is done for the purposes of not angering other people. 

As it turns out, conservatives are also much more likely to remain silent on politics. Cato University revealed that a whopping 77% of conservatives choose not to articulate their political stances; meanwhile, just 52% of liberals said the same. 

In another interesting twist, even 64% of moderates choose not to publicly wade into political waters. This is unexpected, since many moderates hold views from both sides of the aisle. It speaks volumes that even people who are not firmly on the left or firmly on the right are still more inclined to steer clear of politics. 

Protecting Free Speech in America

The importance of free speech in the United States is not a matter that can simply be brushed to the side or forgotten about. It is absolutely troubling that such a vast majority of the country feels uncomfortable with speaking about politics in the United States. 

To some extent, each and every American is impacted by politics, whether they realize it or not. Political discussions are good for the nation; it’s good to hear different viewpoints, ideas, and perspectives.

Another benefit of open political conversations is the ability to learn. Learning is always something that Americans should be open to, especially when it comes to decisions being made in this nation. 

Sadly, the number of individuals who are self-censoring on political matters has increased since 2017. This shows that as time goes on, more folks are deciding that the present political climate is too hot to handle. 

What do you think about the fact that most Americans are no longer comfortable with openly conversing about politics? How do you feel about having open political discussions? Let us know in the comments section below.