Gun Politics Could be Problematic for Democrats Going Forward


For all intents and purposes, Democrats have essentially made themselves the enemy of the Second Amendment. They’re on record supporting mandatory buyback programs and implementing additional gun control measures that intentionally complicate gun ownership.

On top of this, Democrats in Illinois tried to impose taxes on firearms and ammunition. However, the Illinois Supreme Court shut this down, thankfully.

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At each and every turn, leftists continue to put their eagerness to disarm Americans on full display. Judging from the rising number of people buying guns, notably women and minorities, anti-gun rhetoric isn’t doing the Democrats any favors.

It seems as though at least one Democrat has come to terms with this. Montana Democrat Sen. Jon Tester suggested over the weekend that members of his party should be compromising when it comes to guns in America, per Newsmax.

A Shift in Narrative on Gun Rights?

While participating in a Meet the Press interview, Sen. Tester stated that Democrats need to do a better job of reaching Americans in rural communities, especially with the 2022 congressional midterms approaching.

Tester opined that members of his party should seek to lessen the divides by showing a willingness for law-abiding citizens to maintain their firearms. According to the Montana Democrat, a shift in tone on guns will help the left get votes from rural Americans.

Likewise, Tester also told Meet the Press that rural Americans frequently hear about Democrats’ interest in disarming gun owners. The Democrat senator declared this is a “hot button issue” that his party ultimately needs to get ahead of.

Interestingly enough, Tester also proclaimed “most Democrats” are not interested in disarming law-abiding citizens. Unfortunately, Tester’s tone on guns greatly varies from that of Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke who vowed to take guns away from people.

Will Democrats Listen to Sen. Tester?

Judging from the way Democrats have conducted themselves over the course of this year, the likelihood of them listening to Sen. Tester and toning down their rhetoric on guns is unlikely.

There may be a few moderates like Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin who share Tester’s views on gun ownership. However, many mainstream Democrats are very much eager to take away Americans’ guns and have openly said so.

In Congress, Democrats have already worked to pass more red flag proposals into law. Time and time again, the left shows a key portion of its agenda involves ripping away Second Amendment rights from the American people.

It is for this reason that Democrats should not count on winning votes from very many rural Americans anytime soon.

Do you think the politics Democrats have embraced regarding gun rights could be problematic for the party going forward? Leave your thoughts on this in the comments area below.