Harris Cancels Travel After Biden Aides Test Positive for COVID-19

"Event with Stacey Abrams - Atlanta, GA -" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

Coronavirus appears to now be making rounds in the circles of top political leaders.

Earlier this month, President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and several White House personnel received confirmation that they tested positive for coronavirus.

These positive tests caused a temporary shift in the Trump campaign. Vice President Mike Pence, who consistently tested negative for the virus, did more in-person campaigning while the president recuperated.


Now, it appears that the Biden campaign has its rounds of the virus to contend with. Reports from Breitbart News show that multiple aides within the Biden campaign are currently COVID-19-positive.

Subsequently, Democrat vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris has cancelled her campaigning plans as a precautionary measure.

A Pause on Travel for the Biden Campaign

Due to the positive diagnoses of Biden campaign aides, Harris will abstain from traveling until this Monday. Prior to the news of COVID-19 positives, Biden’s running mate had plans to visit North Carolina today and other sites throughout the weekend.

Biden’s campaign issued a statement confirming that neither Harris nor Biden came into direct contact with the aides that are currently infected with coronavirus. However, the Biden campaign also maintains that Harris will adhere to a “robust and aggressive schedule” of virtual work to expand voter outreach.

Harris, herself, took to social media, issuing a statement about the development. In addition to announcing the suspension of travel between now and Monday, the California Democrat vowed to be “transparent” with Americans about the results of her forthcoming coronavirus tests.

A New Scandal Surrounding the Biden Campaign

A temporary pause on Harris’ travel comes after breaking news about Hunter Biden. Leaked information has shown an alleged and compromising email between Joe Biden’s son and a Burisma Holdings adviser. In the email, the adviser appears to thank Hunter for arranging a meeting between the adviser and the elder Biden.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have since attempted to scrub this information from the internet. Meanwhile, Trump campaign officials are being locked out of their accounts for sharing this story and the means in which it reflects on the Democrat nominee seeking the White House.

What do you make of the pause on Kamala Harris’ travel? Is there any chance that the Hunter Biden scandal has negatively impacted the Biden campaign? Let us know what you think about this down below in the comments section.