Harris Cited as Head of “Biden-Harris” Ticket

"Meeting with Mayor Lance Bottoms - Atlan" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

For quite some time now, Americans have speculated that Joe Biden is not truly in charge of the 2020 Democrat ticket, despite him being (on paper) the official head. Both Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, have repeatedly spoken about a “Harris-Biden administration.”

The former vice president’s tendencies to flub and misspeak are also contributing factors in the belief that he lacks the mental capacity to serve as president. Days ago, Biden forgot Trump’s name during an interview; the former vice president apparently thought he was running against George Bush.


Yesterday, while campaigning in Atlanta, Georgia, Biden made statements that furthermore support the assertion that Kamala Harris is really in charge, despite her being the vice-presidential candidate on paper.

Washington Examiner reports that Biden introduced himself as Harris’ running mate, rather than the other way around.

Biden in Atlanta

Unlike numerous previous instances, yesterday’s remarks from Biden cannot be chalked up to a gaffe.

The former vice president very clearly took the stage and announced himself as “Jill Biden’s husband” and “Kamala’s running mate.” Biden wasn’t out of it either when he asserted that Harris is the true leader of the Democrat ticket; in fact, the former vice president followed up by noting that he’s not joking about his position as “Kamala’s running mate.”

Harris, of course, has yet to publically respond to the assertion that she is the true leader of the Democrat ticket.

Nonetheless, this is something that numerous conservatives and Republicans have pointed out all along; to many Americans within the right-wing, Biden’s outright admission of being “Kamala’s running mate” is just a confirmation of what was already known.

The Final Six Days

As of now, there are six days left before the 2020 presidential election officially runs its course.

Amid Biden’s admission that he is “Kamala’s running mate,” he’s still taking hits from the Trump campaign. On numerous occasions throughout his nearly 50-year political career, Biden has lied and misrepresented information about himself to the American people.

In a new ad, the Trump campaign holds Biden’s feet to the fire, showing a series of Biden’s lies in a one-minute clip. Finally, the ad concludes by making the case for why Biden cannot and must not be elected as the next president of the United States.

What do you make of Joe Biden clearly and openly stating that he’s Kamala Harris’ running mate? We look forward to learning your thoughts in the comments section below!