Harris County, Texas Under Fire for Pro-Criminal Policies

Treating criminals with kid gloves and allowing them to behave with virtual impunity is not kind or compassionate, despite what the political left may want Americans to believe.

As public safety threats continue to ramp up, the severe danger of letting criminals run amuck continues to materialize.

Communities are becoming increasingly more unsafe; people are being victimized by perpetrators in communities who know they’ll be largely left off the hook.

It’s no coincidence that what’s currently going on is taking places in cities and communities with Democrats running the show. As reported by Fox26, one of the communities suffering the most from pro-criminal policies is none other than Harris County, Texas.

Serious Problems in Harris County

At this very moment in Harris County, more than 100 people who are facing capital murder charges are also walking amongst the public and on bond as they await their trial dates.

Meanwhile, another 155 individuals have died from criminals who were ultimately cut loose in Harris County and on bond. This information comes per Crime Stoppers Houston and paints a very troubling image for this area of Texas.

Across Harris County, 50,000 felons are currently reaping the benefits of left-wing judges essentially implementing catch and release policies.

Leftist judges are clearly of the view that these policies are in the best interests of individuals awaiting trial; however, what they’re not taking into account is the safety of law abiding citizens in the community.

If Harris County keeps doing what they’re doing, it’s going to cause more and more problems. Additional lives will be lost because judges decided it wasn’t politically correct to implement cash bail or even hold some of the worst offenders without bail.

Another Warning Against Anti-Police Policies

Policies that lionize criminals while demonizing police do not work. They’ve proven to be unworkable time and time again, seeing as communities that try to implement them always wind up with unfavorable outcomes.

Harris County and countless other communities that are putting criminals on a pedestal, releasing violent offenders on the street, etc., need to cut it out. They are putting lives at risk, while also encouraging more crime to happen.

It is heartbreaking to think about the amount of lives that could have been saved, if only judges didn’t decide to release people facing capital murder charges back onto the streets.

What’s most ironic is the very same folks who support pro-criminal, anti-police reforms are also questioning why more and more people are going out and purchasing firearms. At this point, the question answers itself.

What do you think about the latest bouts of lawlessness happening in Harris County, Texas? Should the state’s governor step in to help get things under control? Let us into your thoughts below in the comments section.