Healthcare Providers Less Eager to Institute COVID Vaccine Mandates

For the past several weeks, a series of vaccine mandates have been rolled out across different sectors. Various institutions have decreed that in order for workers to keep their jobs, rolling up their sleeves and getting the COVID vaccine is a must. Of course, the ultimate purpose of these mandates is to drive up vaccination rates.

As it turns out, however, many workers are choosing to step away from their jobs than get the mandated COVID vaccine. In numerous cases, healthcare workers have either quit or been fired from their jobs because they didn’t fall in line with the aforementioned vaccine requirements.

Amid all of this, Washington Examiner reports that many healthcare providers are now less eager to institute COVID vaccine mandates.

The Beginning of the End for COVID Vaccine Mandates?

Renal Reserve President Audrey Capozzoli recently spoke about where the dialysis staffing firm stands on mandatory COVID vaccines. Capozzoli maintains that hospitals are presently successful at treating patients accordingly and not furthering COVID transmission.

She later admitted that COVID vaccine mandates run the risk of leading to a reduction in the workforce if healthcare workers don’t want the vaccine. Capozzoli also pointed out that having less staff on board leads to more work for current healthcare staffers. Eventually, the end result of this is burnout and everyone loses.

As a result of the Delta variant, more hospitals are in greater demand than ever. This makes the importance of having healthcare workers stronger than ever. It is for this reason that many healthcare providers aren’t as eager to implement vaccine mandates.

The Moral of the Story

When reviewing this situation, it’s very clear to see the moral of the story. That moral is that standing up against tyranny always ensures its demise. Many healthcare workers have stood up in the face of COVID vaccine mandates; it is for this reason that certain healthcare providers are now steering clear of mandates for their healthcare workers.

If more Americans stand up against COVID vaccine mandates, these mandates will cease to have any power. Civil disobedience is a virtue when faced with tyranny, especially medical tyranny. If Americans lose the ability to determine what is injected into our bodies, then we lose our freedom altogether.

Mass noncompliance with COVID vaccine mandates and the leaders imposing them is the only sensible way to more forward. Leaders implementing these mandates will not stop on their own.

What do you make of healthcare providers that are now distancing themselves from COVID vaccine mandates? Do you believe that mass noncompliance is the solution to defeating COVID vaccine mandates once and for all? Let us know what your thoughts are on this news in the comments section below.