Healthcare Worker Shortages Imminent, Due to Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

Everyone has their limits. Since the inception of COVID, governments have issued various rules. These rules entailed shutting down people’s businesses, telling them not to leave their homes. Next came the face mask mandates and now we’ve arrived at COVID vaccine mandates and booster shots.

It’s becoming very much apparent that COVID vaccine mandates are where many Americans draw the line. It’s a very true reality that many Americans have absolutely no interest in getting vaccinated against COVID.

Biden, however, thinks he can force shots into arms by threatening the jobs of unvaccinated individuals. However, this is backfiring big time. More Americans than ever are walking away from employers mandating the COVID vaccine.

Now, Breitbart News warns that employers are worried that shortages in healthcare workers could come from the illegal vaccine mandate that Biden’s presently pushing for.

Staffing Shortages in the Healthcare Industry

Right now, Biden’s vaccine mandates demands that healthcare workers must take the vaccine, with no testing as an opt-out measure. Therefore, healthcare workers who decline the vaccine would lose their jobs, as some already have.

Ability HomeCare CEO Pam Goble warns that such a measure would be disastrous and force healthcare employers to fire good staff. Likewise, Goble expressed concerns about the impacts that letting go of healthcare workers over the COVID vaccine would have on the patients relying on these workers’ care.

Accura Healthcare CEO Ted LeNeave shared similar sentiments. LeNeave explained that as things currently stand, he’s not in the position to be firing healthcare workers. He and other healthcare employers are already facing staffing shortages right now.

It is for this reason that LeNeave believes there should be an option for healthcare workers to get regularly tested and wear personal protective equipment if they choose not to take the COVID vaccine.

A Catastrophic Proposal

The healthcare sector isn’t the only one that is predicted to be negatively impacted by the vaccine mandate Biden’s pushing. The United Federation of Teachers similarly warned that with the mandate, cities could see teacher shortages as well.

Biden’s catastrophic vaccine mandate would significantly harm not only the nation as a whole, but also the economy and the millions who rely on healthcare workers, teachers, and others.

Republican attorney generals, governors, and the GOP National Committee maintain that as soon as Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate is in effect, they will sue accordingly. Meanwhile, some other workers across the country are suing employers who already have COVID vaccine mandates in place.

If enough sectors lose workers, the vaccine mandate will not stand. However, it’s still unfortunate that things have to get to this point all because of the tyrant living in the White House.

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