Hillary Pushes Vote By Mail

Hillary Pushes Vote By Mail

(WatchDogNews.org) – The Left has been pushing hard to make mail-in ballots a primary way of voting in the November election. President Donald Trump and the Republican Party are trying to stop it and keep our elections safe. Guess who wants it to continue?

On May 27, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her foundation, Onward Together, is partnering with Democracy Docket to push mail-in voting.

The former secretary of state went on to accuse the GOP of trying to “undermine our elections” and destroy a “safety net” for the November elections.

It makes sense that she’d want to push for an alternative way to vote that could lead to election fraud. Hillary and her party have never gotten over her loss to President Trump. Fortunately, it already looks like the courts are not going to allow this scheme to go unchecked.

On May 27, the Texas Supreme Court refused to expand mail-in voting and hopefully, other states will follow. The Left can’t be allowed to steal the election and force Trump out of office.

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