Homelessness Crisis Reaches New Heights in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a blue city in a blue state that’s been under leftist leadership for a good amount of time now. The results of that leadership are present amid serious problems with crime, drugs, homelessness, and more.

Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti has done nothing to fix these problems. However, he did recently engender controversy by transgressing his own mask rules at an NFL game with other California Democrats.

This year, Los Angeles is hosting the annual Super Bowl. However, the city’s major homelessness epidemic is causing a problem for leaders in the community.

According to PJ Media, Los Angeles leaders are now trying to conceal the issues with homelessness, rather than implementing lasting solutions.

Not a Good Look for Los Angeles

In light of the Super Bowl, Los Angeles is moving to have homeless individuals leave places where they could be viewed by travelers who are in town for the Super Bowl.

With hundreds of thousands of homeless people in Los Angeles County, the community doesn’t want to deal with the poor optics of travelers coming face to face with folks living out of tents on the sides of the road.

However, this is unlikely to have the impact Los Angeles believes it will. The sheer magnitude of homeless folks in the community makes it almost impossible for them to be missed.

In the past, when leaders of Los Angeles have tried to move homeless individuals from certain parts of the community, it’s only led to tents appearing in other visibly open places.

The Root of the Problem

If Los Angeles truly cared about the optics of the city, they would not create situations that lead to these sky-high levels of homelessness. Simply moving around homeless people from point a to point b won’t make the problems disappear.

Years and years of leftist leadership is a significant part of why Los Angeles homelessness is what it is today. Moreover, the people who are able to sustain themselves in the community are constantly voting for Democrats, thus ensuring the continuation of the cycle.

Some people have already expressed their views that Los Angeles is a lost cause.

Considering the major discrepancy between GOP voters and Democrat voters in the city, it’s just about impossible for a Republican to get into office and clean up messes from leftists spanning across decades.

In light of these realities, no one should hold their breath waiting for homelessness in Los Angeles to stop being a problem.

What do you think about leaders in Los Angeles trying to hide the homeless as the Super Bowl prepares to commence? Let us know your thoughts about the Los Angeles homelessness crisis in the comments area below.