Hospital CEO Reveals Outrageous Price-Gouging Scheme

Hospital CEO Reveals Outrageous Price-Gouging Scheme

( – The coronavirus isn’t just causing the economy to tremble; the medical field is in trouble, too. There are reports of hospitals desperately searching for medical supplies before their current stockpile runs out. The CEO of a Georgia medical center appeared on CNN’s “At This Hour with Kate Bouldan” and said running out isn’t the only problem; obtaining new supplies is another issue in itself.

Phoebe Putney Health System CEO Scott Steiner said his hospital is almost out of medical-grade face masks. He found a supplier in Mexico, but the company wants $7 for each N95 face mask. His hospital usually pays 58 cents per.

Steiner told Bouldan that his hospital is currently making N95 covers out of surgical material to extend the life of each mask. However, the CEO said he was probably going to buy the outrageously priced supplies from Mexico, too, because he’s “that desperate.”

It’s bad enough that our healthcare system is fighting to keep people alive. The last thing hospitals need to deal with is price gouging from businesses in a foreign country that the US does so much to help. Maybe we ought to rethink our aid to Mexico if the government doesn’t step in to stop this abuse.

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