House Democrats Move Swiftly to Impeach Trump

"President Trump and the First Lady Depar" (Public Domain) by The White House

On Wednesday, supporters of President Trump gathered in Washington D.C. The purpose of these gatherings was to protest the 2020 presidential election’s outcome; loyalists to the president furthermore sought to express opposition against proceedings in Congress to confirm Biden as the election victor.

Unfortunately, the events at the nation’s capital rapidly regressed into violent breaches of the U.S. Capitol. Individuals donning Trump flags and MAGA attire forced themselves into Capitol Hill, demanding to speak with lawmakers. Guns were fired and a series of other weapons were used to break into the Capitol or otherwise cause damage.

“President Trump Travels to NC” (Public Domain) by The White House

Democrats are squarely blaming President Trump for this. They’re citing his remarks at Wednesday’s “Save America” rally as incitement of sedition, along with his challenges of the 2020 presidential’s election’s outcome.

This is why House Democrats are now bringing fresh articles of impeachment against the 45th president once more, confirms Breitbart News.

Reviewing New Impeachment Articles Against Trump

Multiple House Democrats have put together impeachment articles since Wednesday afternoon’s tragic events at the U.S. Capitol. Democrats in the lower chamber of Congress argue that President Trump “willfully made statements” to incite violence, lawlessness, and loss of life on Capitol Hill.

After accusing the 45th president of working to “subvert and obstruct” the process of the 2020 presidential election, House Democrats argued that Trump, as president, threatens the U.S. Constitution, national security, and democracy.

Therefore, Democrats seek to not only impeach and remove Trump from office, but also bar him from occupying any U.S. “office of honor, trust, or profit.”

The fresh articles of impeachment drawn up against Trump mark House Democrats’ second attempt to prematurely remove him from office. As of this Friday, just 12 days remain of the 45th president’s term in the White House.

An Orderly and Peaceful Transition of Power

House Democrats’ work to impeach Trump (again) arrives at an almost-ironic time.

Last night, the commander-in-chief formally conceded the election to Joe Biden. Furthermore, Trump confirmed that the remainder of his term will center around an orderly power transition to the Biden administration.

In spite of these details, it is quite apparent that House Democrats want Trump out of office before January 20. The House is expected to vote on the drawn-up articles of impeachment as soon as this upcoming week.

What do you think about House Democrats working to impeach President Trump? With only 12 days left of his presidency, do you believe Congress should continue with impeachment proceedings? Let us know in the comments section below.