House Democrats Spar Over Infrastructure Bill

Over this month, conversations about legislation being passed as an infrastructure bill have increased. Days ago, several Senate Republicans joined Senate Democrats in voting for the legislation, thus passing it along to the House of Representatives.

The GOP senators who voted in favor of the so-called “infrastructure” bill took some heat from other conservatives. Conservatives noted that the legislation does not largely center around infrastructure, but instead provides a path for leftist pet projects to come into inception.

However, it appears as though the infrastructure bill won’t be smooth sailing in the House of Representatives. According to Breitbart News, several House Democrats are fighting with one another over the legislation.

New Matters of Contention on the “Infrastructure” Bill

House Republicans have very clearly conveyed that they are not backing Democrats’ radial agendas, such as the faux infrastructure bill and budget resolution. Therefore, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs several single House Democrat vote in order to get radical leftist legislation onto President Biden’s desk.

As it turns out, though, this may be easier said than done. This week, nine Democrats in the House of Representatives forwarded a notice to Pelosi. This notice informed that the House Democrats won’t be backing any kind of budget resolution until the “infrastructure” bill passes the House and becomes law.

This poses a real problem for Pelosi. Right now, it is the House Speaker’s wish to pass the faux infrastructure legislation and a budget resolution simultaneously. Unfortunately for Pelosi, she’s lacking the votes and the support to make this happen.

Currently, 212 Republicans and 220 Democrats occupy the House of Representatives. If all nine House Democrats maintain their refusal to do what Pelosi wants, nothing will get passed in the House.

Democrats Now Eating Their Own

This latest in party spat over the so-called infrastructure bill is nothing more than leftists eating their own. Thankfully, however, this arrives at the benefit of the nation at large. Despite the narrative coming from Democrats, the legislation that recently passed the Senate remains very much removed from infrastructure.

Time will tell whether or not Pelosi manages to successfully win over the nine House Democrats who presently have issues. Right now, however, the House Speaker does not have the votes she needs to get the faux infrastructure legislation passed.

As Democrats eat their own, the 2022 midterm elections continue to get closer and closer. This could very well be a sign that the beginning of the end for Democrats controlling the House has arrived.

What do you think about Democrats fighting with one another over the controversial “infrastructure” bill? Do you believe this legislation will eventually make it onto President Biden’s desk. Be sure to share your predictions below in the comments section.