House Republicans Have Critical Message for Biden on Supply Chain Woes

President Biden’s priorities are completely out of order. America is facing so many problems because of his leadership; yet, this failed president does not have one single solution in sight. It’s an utter disgrace. The Biden administration ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Right now, Biden is teaming up with House and Senate Democrats to get pricy social spending bills pushed through Congress and onto his desk for a signature. These bills (despite claims otherwise from the Biden administration) will add to the national debt if they become law.

Biden wants the IRS poking around in the bank accounts of Americans bringing in more than $10,000 per year in financial transactions. Meanwhile, he has no plan to take on the supply chain crisis, mass illegal immigration, or other very pressing crises.

It is for these reasons that House Republicans have written to Biden, calling on him to get his priorities in order, per Newsmax.

Finding Solutions for Problems Facing America

The Biden administration is focused on expanding government control, implementing power grabs, and replacing freedom with communism. Meanwhile, Republicans throughout the nation are focused on good leadership, preserving freedom, and finding effective solutions for problems facing America.

Because the president of the United States hasn’t gotten the memo yet, House Republicans sent a letter to Biden explaining the situation. In this letter, GOP lawmakers noted that Biden and Democrats need to halt their work to pass social spending bills until ongoing crises are fixed.

These crises entail supply chain problems, inflation, and more. House Republicans additionally urged President Biden to cease the harmful measures he’s inflicting upon the economy and private sector.

These measures entail fiscal incentivizes for people not to work, the implementation of COVID vaccine mandates, and more. Republicans ultimately informed the president his destructive regulatory choices are having adverse consequences on the nation as a whole.

A Path Back to Effective Leadership

The current leadership in the federal government is simply not working. Having Biden in the White House is bad enough; however, the lack of concern from Democrats regarding real problems in the United States is all the more reason why they should not control Congress any longer.

Getting Republicans back in control of Congress is the first step on the path back to effective leadership. Republicans in the House and Senate, if they take back the majority, will be able to stop feckless spending bills that do nothing to help America and only serve to worsen current problems.

What do you think about the letter House Republicans sent to Joe Biden? What do you think it will take for this president to get real and address the multiple crises facing America? Let us know in the comments area below.