House Republicans in Very Good Shape to Win 2022 Midterms

The 2022 midterm elections are roughly 13 months away at this point in time. These midterms are going to have very monumental impacts on America, which policies pass, and where the nation is by the time Biden’s current term expires.

Less than nine months in Biden’s term have led to a conglomeration of crises and destruction. America’s supply chain is a disaster right now; this is a disaster the Biden administration officials are already seeking to undermine.

Supply chain is barely the tipping point. Inflation, rampant illegal immigration, crime surges, and more are on the rise because of this president and his Democrat support in Congress.

Republicans need to take back the House and Senate for the sake of America. As it turns out, though, House GOP members are actually in a very great position to win the 2022 midterms, as documented by Breitbart News.

The Current Position of House Republicans

Earlier this week, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy announced very good fundraising numbers. Over the course of this year alone, McCarthy’s managed to garner $57.8 million for House Republicans.

This comes as conservatives in the House of Representatives are working to secure more seats and oust Democrats from the majority. Amid the news of these massive funds raised, the House Minority Leader released a relevant public statement.

McCarthy declared this previous quarter as “record-breaking”; he also confirmed Republicans are very much ready to have the House of Representatives back in their control again.

Additional remarks from the House Republican leader share insight on how the congressional midterms are shaping up. McCarthy revealed that record amounts of GOP members are stepping up to run for office.

Finally, the lawmaker confirmed the high energy and unity of the GOP, along with his confidence that Republicans will control the House after November 2022.

Bad News for the Biden Administration

The Biden administration has pretty much sabotaged Democrats across the nation; this is true not just for Democrats in congressional elections, but also Democrats running for other positions in different levels of government.

Biden’s approval ratings are getting lower and lower with every new poll. Majorities of Independent voters are no longer supportive of Biden; even some Democrats are now getting frustrated with this president for not passing his agenda in the desired timeframe.

The constant crises which stem from pathetic Democrat leadership in the federal government paves a clear path for Republicans to win the midterm elections. Having the GOP take back the House and/or the Senate will be very good news for the United States.

Do you think House Republicans will take back the majority from Democrats during next year’s midterm races? We’d like to read your predictions and thoughts in the section for comments below.