House Speaker Slams 43 GOP Senators Who Voted to Acquit Trump

"Nancy Pelosi" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

On Saturday afternoon, the infamous Senate impeachment trial wrapped up in the way that most Americans knew it would: an acquittal for Donald Trump.

The 45th president is currently the first U.S. official in American history to receive two acquittals from the Senate. 43 Republican senators voted to acquit Trump, while 7 GOP senators voted for the former president’s conviction; meanwhile, every single one of the 50 Senate Democrats voted to convict Trump.

“President Trump Returns from New Jersey” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Democrats, needless to say, are not pleased that their impeachment trial resulted in yet another acquittal of the president they loathe so much. Yesterday, following the Senate acquittal of Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore into the 43 Republican who voted for acquittal, confirms Townhall.

Speaker Pelosi on Republicans Who Voted for Acquittal

On Saturday afternoon, Pelosi spoke to the press and slammed the “cowardly [GOP] senators” who did not vote for conviction. The House Speaker then claimed that Republicans in the Senate couldn’t “face up to” the actions of the president before stating that a censure resolution against Trump just doesn’t cut it.

Pelosi then opined that 43 Republican senators dismissed the actions of Capitol rioters by voting against conviction out of fear of losing their jobs. The Democrat then continued, stating that Senate Republicans apparently “have no options” regarding employment and hence failed to “respect the institution” of Congress.

After making the above points, Pelosi lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who voted to acquit Trump, but later blasted the former president on the Senate floor. Ultimately, Pelosi’s biggest message was that the 43 GOP senators prioritized “political survival” over what she views as the proper vote in the trial.

Ready to Move Beyond the Senate Trial

Republicans in Congress and attorneys for Donald Trump are calling to move beyond the Senate impeachment trial. Democrats voted, Republicans voted, and the decision of acquittal has been made.

Moving beyond the Senate trial would involve focusing on policy matters that will benefit the American people. Throughout the duration of impeachment proceedings, Republicans criticized Democrats for holding the trial ahead of passing reforms to help Americans and better the nation.

Right now, though, Democrats seem more focused on lashing out at the GOP for not voting for conviction than on helping the nation.

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