Houston CrimeStoppers Releases New Tips to Save Kids’ Lives

The safety of children is under a national spotlight amid the recent mass shooting at Reed Elementary School.

What’s made the wake of this tragedy even harder is the reported behavior of Uvalde, Texas police officers who were on the scene. Officers are accused of waiting for up to an hour before going in to stop the shooter.

Meanwhile, kids in the school were dialing 911, while parents outside begged for police to go inside. Later, when these parents tried to take it upon themselves to enter the school, police allegedly restrained them.

Eventually, the shooter was neutralized by law enforcement; however, reports indicate that had officers gone in much sooner, many more lives could have been saved.

As the country works to deal with these updates, Houston CrimeStoppers has some very important information for America’s parents, per Fox News.

How Parents Can Help Keep Their Kids Safe

Houston CrimeStoppers is currently urging America’s parents to know the procedures, policies, and enforced measures of the schools their children are attending.

With this information, parents are in the best possible position to know how schools plan to handle threats that could endanger the welfare of their children.

Additional pointers from Houston CrimeStoppers involve reading their kids’ school handbooks and discussing the online world with their children.

In so many cases, what kids are reading, posting, or doing online can impact their future behavior. It definitely has an impact on kids’ state of mind and what they’re most susceptible to.

For this reason, parents who are in the loop can help shield their kids (and possibly other kids, by extension) from negative influences or terrible tragedies.

Finally, when a tragedy like Ulvade happens, Houston CrimeStoppers wants parents not to make the mistake of complacency or simply forgetting what happened within three-weeks time.

This sort of complacency can ultimately play a role in repeat mass shootings and more lives lost.

A Rise in Homeschooling

Reports that Uvalde police sat outside as kids were bleeding out and calling 911 for assistance has upset a lot of people.

It’s likewise led to some folks stating that schools ultimately aren’t capable of protecting children and therefore shouldn’t be entrusted with them. Certain parents have expressed support for homeschooling and called for other parents to consider this as well.

In the meantime, national debates about the levels of safety involved in protecting banks and airports vs. children’s schools remain alive and well.

What are your takeaways on the advice that Houston CrimeStoppers gave to parents concerning the safety of their kids? Do you think schools today are able to keep children safe from harm?

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