How Ben Carson is pushing for Congressional term limits


Ben Carson has taken on the cause of imposing term limits for members of Congress and for federal judges, even Supreme Court justices.

Carson has said that he believes this will require an Article V Convention of States. He intends to pursue the issue to the greatest of his ability.

Carson told reporters last Wednesday that, “I certainly would be very open to that and have agreed with people who want to do that and certainly would support that.”

The American political system was designed for citizen statesmen

Congress by MrT HK, on FlickrCongress” (CC BY 2.0) by MrT HK


During an appearance that day at a veterans’ event, Carson noted that, “Our system was actually designed for citizen statesmen and not for career politicians. It’s probably going to require an Article V convention. But it probably will at some point need to be done, not only for our elected members of Congress but also I think for federal judges, Supreme Court justices.”

The issue has been rising in prominence in recent years. Bipartisan support has emerged for imposing term limits on members of the Supreme Court.

Carson underscored that “When the Constitution was put in place, the average aged of death was 47. So a lifetime appointment for a federal judge was not as long. Now that has changed rather substantially and we have not made the adjustments to it. And there has to be some mechanism of oversight.”

Under Article V of the Constitution, 34 states can call a Convention of States to consider pre-determined amendments to the constitution. Besides term limits, a balanced budget amendment is a popular talking point for such a convention.

Few Americans realize that the Founders entrusted state legislatures with the power to monitor and check abuses of power by federal authorities through Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Article V does not require the consent of the feds.

States have the right to impose fiscal restraint on the federal government

The Convention of States Project is an organization dedicated to calling a convention of states. The purpose is to impose term limits and ficscal restraint on the federal government.

For example, American military action in Afghanistan has gone on for nearly 20 years with no clear goals met, despite trillions of dollars spent. President Trump is intent on bringing those troops home, but even that is a drop in the bucket. Fortunately, Trump is the type of citizen statesman that the Constitution was designed for.

We face a real danger that career politicians, particularly Democrats, beholden to their donors will capture the state apparatus and make it work for interests other than those of the American people. Term limits can help bring in fresh blood not beholden to those patronage hierarchies.