How Biden enriched his son with US taxpayer money


In 2014, Joe Biden spearheaded a regime-change operation in Ukraine. Shortly thereafter, his son Hunter got a very lucrative seat on the board of the shady Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma Holdings. The owner of Burisma is former Ukrainian Minister of ecology and natural resources, Mykola Zlochevsky, who has been under multiple investigations for corruption. A few months after Hunter Biden joined the board, Burisma got a multimillion-dollar deal with a US Governmental renewable energy program set up by the Obama administration.

The program, USAID’s Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine, was the brainchild of one of then-VP Joe Biden’s close advisers. The deal with Burisma was signed in October 2014. At that time, Burisma was under well-publicized corruption investigations run by both Ukrainian and British authorities. The State Department had also expressed concerns about corruption at Burisma by that time.

No limit to the depths of Biden’s corruption in Ukraine

This month, the same Burisma official who signed the deal, Andrii Kicha, was arrested in Ukraine in connection with a failed attempt to bribe prosecutors with $6 million in cash to stop investigating the company.

Strangely, the Burisma deal did not arise during the impeachment debacle despite the proceedings focusing heavily on Biden’s involvement in Ukraine. Biden has boasted on camera that he threatened to withhold millions in US military aid unless a prosecutor investigating Burisma was fired. This is an admission to committing the same offence that Trump was charged and cleared of committing in the impeachment proceedings.

Besides his remuneration as a board member, Hunter Biden’s firm received millions from Burisma in consulting fees.

State department officials said that Hunter’s relationship with Burisma created the “appearance of a conflict of interest” for Joe Biden because he was in charge of U.S.-Ukraine policy for the Obama administration.

Biden set up a USAID program his son’s company profited off


The MERP program and Burisma both have a direct connection to Joe Biden. Biden’s energy advisor, Amos Hochstein, was responsible for getting the MERP program off the ground. The goal of the MERP program was to help Ukraine become more energy efficient so that it could rely on Russia less for energy.

Apparently, they believed that the best way to pursue this was to hire a local company, Burisma, with the VP’s son on the board and two ongoing corruption investigations hanging over it. Both the British investigation and the Ukrainian one were over the company’s illegal financial schemes.

More criminal cases were opened against Burisma and its owner, Zlochevsky, over the two years following its deal with USAID. Some of these cases are still ongoing.