How the Stand Your Ground Law Saves Lives

How the Stand Your Ground Law Saves Lives

The world is an unstable place. Mass shootings, terrorist attacks, robberies, and sex trafficking happen all over the globe, even if we’re not aware of every occurrence. At the same time, we can’t sit back and wait for laws to change and criminals to land behind bars to start protecting ourselves.

That time is now.

A Future to Avoid

What happens if American gun laws become so restricted that, if we see someone shooting up a crowd or going after one of our family members, we cannot intervene?

If purchasing an AR-15 eventually becomes illegal, but an intruder gets one through a private sale, guess who will end up paying the cost?

Innocent bystanders; either with their life or the loss of a loved one.

Aside from protecting ourselves and our property, there is the concern of just being able to have and own a gun. Anti-gun lawmakers are pushing diligently to unarm citizens, go against the 2nd Amendment and basically put gun control back into the hands of the government.

A Counter to a Defenseless Public

One law that already protects us is the Stand Your Ground law. It’s basically the right of practicing self-defense, including lethal force, regardless if you can effectively retreat away from the situation or not. Many states have this law including Florida, Michigan, and Georgia.

In addition to the Stand Your Ground law, the Castle Doctrine, is a common law doctrine in which homeowners are able to safely carry out deadly force against an intruder if they feel threatened. This means you’re able to take lethal action against someone deemed an intruder.

Both are important fundamentals for every American. Whether you agree or disagree with either law, they are there for those of us who want to protect ourselves and others. While no one wants to think a break-in or attack will happen to them, the bottom line is that, if you’re not armed, you likely won’t be able to protect what is precious to you.

Attacks On Our Defenses

The Stand Your Ground law is coming under tremendous fire with Democrats and anti-gun activists touting its destruction on a daily basis. The topic becomes a major talking point at Democratic town halls and presidential debates countrywide. Our right to bear arms of every kind is at stake and having to relinquish personal firearms has also flashed across the minds of many anti-gun activists.

Many of these Liberal theorists believe that high-powered firearms should be banned and taken away from citizen taxpayers. They also often boast that anyone involved with a self-defense crime should be punished like a hardened criminal.

As Americans, we deserve the right to protect ourselves and bear arms without being completely regulated and controlled by the government. In fact, it’s enshrined within our Constitution.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t have reasonable gun restrictions. For instance, most of us agree that we don’t want firearms in the hands of those with a psychotic mindset or the mentally ill. Most people believe that strong background checks are important, unlike what most Dems say we don’t believe in.

For the rest of us as law-abiding individuals who just want to protect ourselves, we must continue to be the voice of reason. Voting and writing to your US Senators are just a couple of ways to help fight the war on gun control.

When ordinary citizens find themselves in dangerous situations, the Stand Your Ground law is there for personal protection — it’s a right. Let’s fight to keep the law active and thriving to protect good people who may get caught up in a dangerous situation.

Here’s to a positive and protective future for all Americans.

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