Human Smuggling Stopped at Border

Human Smuggling Stopped at Border

( – Maybe criminals were under the mistaken impression that America is open for business. Perhaps they thought the COVID-19 pandemic had knocked law enforcement off of their game. If so, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) showed them they’re sadly mistaken.

Agents at a checkpoint in Laredo, Texas foiled two human smuggling plots recently. The incidents occurred on May 19, sparked by an inspection of a tractor-trailer that turned up an illegal alien hiding under the bed in a closet. Another semi pulled up to the checkpoint and three more illegals were found in the sleeping area of the cabin.

Both of the drivers were Cuban citizens and they were arrested. They severely underestimated how good the US Border Patrol is. Even when the country is battling a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, those men and women are protecting America. They’re incredible and we’re blessed to have them working for us.

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