Hunter Biden Accused of Defying Court Order

Hunter Biden Accused of Defying Court Order

( – Just as former Vice President Joe Biden surges in the Democratic primary, his son Hunter is causing problems again.

The younger Biden is embroiled in a paternity case with 28-year-old Lunden Alexis Roberts. After denying he was the father of her child, a paternity test proved that he’s more than just a liar; he’s also a terrible dad.

Eventually, Hunter agreed to pay child support. However, there are reports that he attempted to lie about his financial situation. The New York Times said he went as far as calling himself a painter to avoid financial responsibility.

The young woman’s legal team has said Hunter is defying court orders to turn over financial documents as per a judge’s order:

It’s odd that Hunter refuses to hand over the information he’s being asked to provide — including a list of companies he owns, financial institutions he uses, sources of income for five years, and tax documents. It begs the question, what’s he hiding?

Republican National Committee Spokesman Steve Guest thinks he might be protecting his father’s “massive conflicts of interest as vice president.” At this point, who knows, but we’ll keep you updated as this saga unfolds.

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