Hunter Biden Misses Key Congressional Deadline

First son Hunter Biden has been under scrutiny for quite some time. This is largely due to the content found on his laptop that looks to implicate him in a series of criminal acts spanning over long durations.

Questions have also come up about whether or not Hunter used his father’s time as the previous vice president to cut deals with foreign leaders and otherwise engage in unsavory behaviors.

Since taking over the House of Representatives, GOP lawmakers have followed through on their word to begin investigating the first son. The first step of said investigation is seeking records from the first son that pertain to the Biden family’s business affairs in China and Ukraine.

Coincidentially, Hunter just missed the deadline to provide these records, as documented by News Nation Now.

What Happens Next?

The House Oversight Committee initially sought the aforementioned records from Hunter Biden and his family on February 9. Last week’s missed deadline now opens Hunter to being subpoenaed to hand over the information since he failed to do it voluntarily.

This request for documents concerning the business affairs of the Biden family overseas also pertained to Hunter’s uncle, Jim Biden.

According to the House Oversight Committee, both Hunter and his uncle are well aware of the information requested. Each of the Bidens has acknowledged the ask for documents via letters from their legal counsel; yet, the information hasn’t been handed over.

This is only furthering the view that the Biden family has something to hide.

More to Hide?

Information that pertains to the Biden family’s overseas business deals is not all that’s being kept under wraps. In addition to this, an art dealer working for Hunter Biden is likewise refusing to provide Congress with the business records of these art sales.

Questions are now being raised about whether or not Congress will go after Hunter’s tax records or other documents that could provide some transparency. From the looks of things, the Biden family is going to fight any and all congressional probes every step of the way.

On social media, Americans have weighed in with various thoughts about why Hunter missed the deadline, what other information his family may be trying to keep under wraps, and the possibility of Congress uncovering even more information that isn’t yet known to the general public.

To the surprise of few, the White House has not provided any sort of formal statement on this matter.

Do you believe Hunter Biden and other members of his family have something to hide? What do you think the House GOP caucus will do now that Hunter has missed the time given to him to hand over critical documents?

You can let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.