Illegal Immigrants Set to be Vaccinated Against COVID

The current White House administration has made a mess of the U.S.-Mexico border. By stopping the immigration policies that former President Trump had in place, President Biden opened the floodgates. Thanks to this decision, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, human trafficking, etc. at the Southern border are rampant.

Right now, the Biden administration is letting unvaccinated, untested illegal immigrants pour into the nation; yet, in the same breath, the White House and Democrats have the audacity to blame Americans who have not gotten the COVID vaccine for reported surges in cases of the Delta variant.

Many Americans have noted the sheer hypocrisy of Biden complaining about COVID rates, yet allowing illegal immigrants into the nation. Amid the blowback, Breitbart News is now reporting that the Biden administration plans to administer Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines to illegal immigrants.

Getting Illegal Immigrants Vaccinated

This week, officials with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) informed that individuals who cross the border are planned to be given the COVID vaccine before landing on American soil. The officials only shared this information with the media on the condition of remaining unnamed.

As things currently stand, illegal immigrants are set to receive the one and done Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The administering of these vaccinations will take place as illegal immigrants are waiting for processing by Customs and Border Patrol.

Migrants who are set to be deported and those who are waiting for court dates are also likely expected to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This news comes as the Biden administration is pressed on its decision to let unvaccinated migrants wander on into America, with no concern about possible infections.

Holding the Biden Administration Accountable

Opening up the Southern border for illegal immigrants to come on in was a poor decision; however, doing this in the middle of a pandemic and during a time when the country is trying to drive down COVID numbers is even more ill-advised.

Make no mistake; the decision to get illegal immigrants vaccinated is not one the Biden administration made on its own accord. It only comes after the White House has taken heat for pretending to care about COVID infections while allowing migrants who could have COVID into the nation.

These things are inherently at odds with one another and cannot co-exist. One can be accurate, but the other cannot. Only after being held accountable did the Biden administration put forth a plan to get illegal immigrants vaccinated.

What do you think about the Biden administration choosing to have illegal immigrants vaccinated before they make it onto American soil? Do you think the White House is only doing this after being called out numerous times? Let us know below in the comments section.