Impeachment Backup Plan: Rig the Vote

Impeachment Backup Plan: Rig the Vote

Politics in America has always been a rough game. However, the players have always played by mutually accepted rules. Sure, people have tried to bend them to their party’s ideology, but the system worked.

However, the methodology that has served us for so long has begun to break down.

Phase One

Even before Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States (POTUS), the Democrats went into hyperdrive trying to find ways to void the results. Eventually, the panic-driven Liberals decided on the farce of impeachment. Their hysteria has even gained a moniker: Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS.

When the Senate refuses to convict and remove Trump from office, which is assured without some dramatic, unforeseeable event, the machinations are already in motion to commandeer future elections.

The Electoral College

This is the mechanism our Founding Fathers developed to protect states with smaller populations from being overrun by those with more people.

Instead of following the procedures to legally amend the Constitution, Liberals have devised a plot to render the process effectively null. Born of their mania to reinstate and then maintain their chokehold on the White House, a number of states have banded together in something called the National Popular Vote Pact.

2020 Census

The purpose of the decennial tally is to take stock of the American population on a state-by-state basis to apportion monies and representation in Congress. Illegal aliens, however, are not meant to be included in this for the simple reason that they don’t pay taxes. Including them would create an imbalance in the fair distribution of the cash collected by the government.

President Trump ordered the Census Bureau to include a question about a person’s legal right to be in the country. The Liberals went ballistic. Why? Because bastions of Liberalism, like California, New York and Illinois, would stand to lose a lot of money and, more importantly, electoral votes.

Ballot Harvesting

In order to make a good-faith effort to ensure the integrity of the vote, local boards of election set up polling places. Additionally, the use of the US Postal Service creates a reasonably secure connection between the voter and the ballot box. Think of it as the chain-of-evidence.

What Democrats in places like California have pushed through is a concept known as “ballot harvesting.” What it does is allow an agent of the party to go door-to-door to pick up mail-in ballots that people may have requested, yet, for whatever reason, did not submit. These same operatives are also permitted to knock on doors and present an absentee ballot to anyone over 18 years of age, retrieve the papers and deliver them to a nearby voting station.

This put a gaping hole in the idea of a secure ballot.

All-in-all the stratagems used by Democrats if they don’t like the outcome can be summed up as such:

  • Pervert the legal system to high-jack the will of the people
  • Rewrite the laws, retroactively if necessary to alter the rules

It’s clear that Democrats will do whatever they can to ensure that they remain in power.

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