“Independent Spirit” of U.S. Under Fire from Dr. Fauci

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Promoted mitigation strategies for COVID-19 have come under fire this year. While no measures are immune from censure, the shutdowns and mask mandates are inarguably the most controversial.

Many Americans have issues with the government being able to force people out of business. These issues are exacerbated by the reality that folks rely upon their businesses to feed themselves, support their children, and pay the mortgage. When government takes it upon itself to deem certain businesses as “non-essential,” pushback is inevitable.

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A similar, yet not-the-same, situation is present with mask mandates. Countless Americans do not support government forcing Americans to wear face coverings. Since the rise of mask use, multiple dentists have reported oral, gum, and tooth issues linked to the ongoing wearing of masks; these issues have collectively earned the nickname of “mask mouth.”

However, in spite of these situations, Dr. Anthony Fauci claims that America’s “independent spirit” is what’s truly causing the issues, reports Breitbart News.

Why Fauci Doesn’t Like America’s “Independent Spirit”

During a conversation with the Washington Post, Fauci unleashed various complaints about the spirit of independence in America. According to the doctor (who has previously stated that people should wear goggles to halt COVID-19 transmission), the independent U.S. spirit “certainly hurt” the nation’s efforts against COVID-19.

Fauci continued, airing his grievances with people who question the mixed messaging and contradictions that have arrived regarding COVID-19 coverage. He bemoaned Americans who believe that parts or all of the coronavirus are a “hoax” before then stating that folks should cancel their Christmas plans.

Republicans have long warned that Democrats would seek to cancel Christmas, as they attempted with Thanksgiving. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) called it a few weeks back; Fauci’s encouragement for Americans to change their plans to gather with loved ones only confirms the accuracy of Jordan’s warning.

A Pattern of Criticizing America’s Independence

Fauci’s remarks to the Washington Post are far from the first time he’s spoken critically of independence in the United States.

Last month, Fauci publicly declared that Americans ought to let go of their “independent spirit” and simply “do what [they’re] told” by the federal government.

To many folks, this sentiment is inherently anti-American; after all, the role of government is not to rule over and control the lives of its citizens. U.S. citizens are actually the ones designed to control their government.

What do you think about Fauci’s assessment of the “independent spirit” in America? Do you view American independence as an asset or a liability? Let us know down in the comment section below!