Infamous Satanist Hit With Disturbing Convictions

In times past, English Reverand David Renshaw garnered public attention for his disturbing admissions. Renshaw previously went on the record, confessing he’s a sadist and someone who wants to sacrifice infants to the devil.

Naturally, this talk is disturbing to most folks who aren’t involved in satanic circles or other forms of the occult. Though given Renshaw’s track record, it’s not a stretch to imagine that what he’s talked about and what he’s actually done in real life has an overlap.

According to Breitbart News, the vicar was just recently convicted of some very chilling crimes.

A Closer Look at Renshaw’s Convictions

Currently, the England-based satanist has been convicted of multiple crimes against children and possession of pornographic material that contains crimes against both kids and animals alike.

On top of these convictions, law enforcement in the United Kingdom discovered Renshaw was holding the corpses or dying bodies of various animals. Police also reported finding needles and other paraphernalia used to administer drugs on the scene.

The officers who were forced to go through the material that Renshaw had in his possession were spooked by the imagery. Meanwhile, to avoid conviction, the satanist tried — to no avail — to pin the blame for the disturbing images onto his sons.

Public Reactions

The general public has understandably been disgusted by the crimes of which David Renshaw has been found guilty. Now, there’s a general sense of hope that he’ll truly serve substantial time behind bars for what he’s done.

Renshaw’s own rhetoric, let alone the content he was found in possession of, clearly demonstrates that he poses a danger to the community at large. Letting him off with a slap on the wrist would not only be a miscarriage of justice, but it would also pose harm to the law-abiding community members in England.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.