Inflation is About to Soar Through the Roof

The economy in America is facing some serious troubles right now. Days ago, the nation learned that we fell short by hundreds of thousands of jobs that were projected to be added to the market last month.

The September 2021 jobs report shows that America didn’t even come near the 500,000 jobs that were predicted to join the economy. This is a result of President Biden’s taxes, spending, policies, and mandates driving U.S. citizens out of the workforce.

Unfortunately, it’s looking as if things are about to get much worse than many Americans expected. According to Newsmax, inflation is going to jump even more in the not so distant future.

A Realistic Look at Inflation to Come in the United States

Yesterday, radio host John Catsimatidis stated Americans haven’t even begun to see the worse of inflation. According to Catsimatidis, his work as a retail grocer has shown him many retailers are preparing to up their prices even more.

The radio show host also explained that with inflation being what it is and projected to worsen, Biden’s vow not to raise taxes on the middle class is meaningless. Middle class Americans are already paying exorbitantly high prices for groceries, gas, food.

Ideally, inflation would decrease with time, but instead, it’s looking like inflation is just getting started. Catsimatidis furthermore explained that Biden’s shutdown of Keystone Pipeline (and him giving Russia the green light to build their own pipeline) is part of a masterplan to get people using electric vehicles.

The danger of electric vehicles lies in the reality that China creates the batteries these electric vehicles would run on. Scrapping fuel-run cars is something China would love for the United States to make happen.

Continued Economic Decline

Right now, projections of continued economic decline are very bad news. The U.S. economy has been through the wringer already; yet, apparently, the storm won’t be ending anytime soon.

The economic decline to come is squarely on Biden’s hands. This president was warned about the danger of his fiscal policies; yet, he proceeded ahead with them anyway. Even now, Biden is trying to get more bad bills passed.

Here’s the bottom line: the president of the United States sees no need to change his policies because he doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with what’s happening in America.

This leaves the United States is a very dangerous place. There’s absolutely no getting around that. As inflation keeps on going up, it will become harder and harder for the middle class to stay afloat. This, apparently, is Biden’s notion of building back better.

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