Inflation Spread Takes an Insidious Turn

Inflation is a nightmare. For every bit that the US dollar’s spending power falls, it becomes more difficult for everyday Americans to put food on the table, pay mortgages, and otherwise support themselves.

The fault of inflation lies solely before Joe Biden. The 46th president created this nightmare; he’s also done absolutely nothing to solve it. Instead, Biden has opted to curse at reporters who question him about the mess he created with the economy.

Right now, inflation in the United States is about higher than its been in 40 years. Meanwhile, many Americans have begun relocating to various parts of the country in order to escape dystopian Democrat-backed policies and create better lives for themselves.

However, Fox Business reports that many of the places folks are moving to are now suffering from the presence of inflation.

The Latest on Inflation in America

Tampa, Atlanta, and Pheonix are some of the top areas in which people are choosing to move. Many of the folks moving to these cities are also leaving Democrat-run communities like New York City and San Francisco.

However, the former three cities are currently facing inflation rates that rival the leftist communities which Americans are fleeing. This shocking reality became apparent during the final quarter of 2021.

Tampa is seeing the lowest inflation rate of 8%. Meanwhile, Atlanta and Pheonix come in at 8.9% and 8.4%.

According to economic experts, surges of individuals moving to specific locations goes hand in hand with rising inflation. This ultimately boils down to higher demands for things like transportation, food, utilities, etc., which then leads to higher prices.

Nevertheless, in spite of higher inflation rates in popular moving destinations, Americans who relocate are, on average, still paying less than they did in their previous communities.

A Critical Midterms Issue

Inflation is a huge focal point of the 2022 midterms. Republicans are hammering the Biden administration and Democrats for the roles they’ve played in prices soaring. Meanwhile, the White House is doing its best to ignore the issue altogether.

In fact, in one of Biden’s latest remarks about inflation, he declared the burden of fixing this issue lies with the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately, this is part of the president’s pattern of refusing to own up to mistakes he’s made.

Republicans are conveying to Americans that electing them into the House and Senate majorities will help engender the decline of inflation.

If Republicans control Congress, Biden certainly won’t be able to pass any more spending packages that lead to even higher inflation rates than what we’re currently seeing.

What are your thoughts about the latest breaking news as it pertains to inflation? In the comments area below, let us know how you assume inflation will affect the November midterms.

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