Jen Psaki Thinks Trump is Energizing Democrats Amid November Elections

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to this year’s midterm elections. Both the GOP and Democrats are working hard to win the House and the Senate in November.

Republicans are largely counting on various missteps of the Biden administration to play a role in Americans voting for them. Democrats, on the other hand, are hoping that abortion and the June overturn of Roe v. Wade will be enough for Americans to vote blue.

As it stands today, the House of Representatives appears more likely to go toward Republicans in November. Meanwhile, the Senate is largely up in the air.

This week, MSNBC contributor Jen Psaki stated that she believes former President Trump’s involvement in the midterms is actually energizing Democrats, according to The Hill.

Psaki on Trump’s Involvement in the Midterms

The former White House press secretary stated Democrats love to be against Trump and this is driving them to turn out in November. Likewise, Psaki went on to opine that Independent voters aren’t particularly interested in another “reign” of the former president.

Therefore, Psaki explained that Trump’s involvement in the midterms and his proverbial presence on the ballot motivates Democrats to do everything possible to be in opposition to him.

Later, Psaki weighed in on certain Democrats backing far-right candidates in their primaries with the hopes they’ll be easier to defeat in general elections.

The former White House press secretary described this as a game of “3D, 5D chess” that could ultimately have all sorts of outcomes.

Other Factors in the Midterms

On the watch of the Biden administration, the southern border is wide open, people are being laid off from their jobs, and the economy is in a state of disaster.

Many Americans don’t want to keep living like this and seeing the nation crumble. This, in and of itself, is viewed as a motivating factor to bring out Independents, Republicans, and other non-leftist voters in the midterms.

As it stands today, Democrats in power have not demonstrated they plan to make any changes to how they’ve led thus far. Therefore, it creates room for the argument that new leadership is needed in order to get the United States back on track.

Left-wingers have continued to make the claim that democracy and freedom will be at risk if their party isn’t able to hold onto the midterms.

At the end of the day, the November elections will be largely determined by which side is most driven, motivated, and willing to vote red or blue.

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