Jen Psaki Warns Biden’s Low Poll Numbers Could Tank Democrats

One week ago marked then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s last media conference. Psaki ended up leaving the Biden administration in order to work as a commentator for MSNBC.

The new press secretary for the White House is now Karine Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre previously worked as the deputy press secretary under Psaki.

However, since taking over the official role of press secretary, Jean-Pierre’s run into some trouble with answering questions.

Meanwhile, now that Psaki is out of the White House, she has some direct advice for the Democrat Party. This is advice that many Democrats may not like, according to Washington Examiner.

Psaki on Biden’s Poll Numbers and the Midterms

During an event at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, the former White House press secretary spoke about the impact of Biden’s poll numbers.

Per Psaki, it doesn’t do a party any favors when its head has bad poll numbers. She also went on to say that because of this, people should rally behind the agenda that is being pushed by the party’s leader.

Later, the former White House press secretary stated that a party’s “fate” will often be determined by the approval surrounding the party leader.

This is very bad news for the Democrat Party. Days ago, Biden dropped to a 39% rating of approval nationwide. This means that mathematically, the president’s detractors are not just comprised of Republicans.

Later, Psaki advised Democrats to begin discussing how they’re going to handle inflation, noting that everyone understands it’s problematic.

From Bad to Worse

Democrats would be in a much better position going into the midterms if Biden’s approval numbers were not below 40%.

Given all that’s happening in the country, there is no sign indicating that the president’s approval amongst the public will get any better.

Right now, the Biden administration is being hammered over the ongoing baby formula shortage. Multiple infants have undergone hospitalization as a result of formula that’s simply not available.

Reports that gas stations are preparing to charge $10.00 per gallon of gas also haven’t done Biden any favors.

All of this is taking place on Biden’s watch and under a Democrat-led Congress; however, Democrats are still finding creative ways of blaming Republicans for the current problems.

Some folks speculated that Psaki left the White House due to the clear problems facing the administration. However, even before Psaki’s departure, the Biden administration has suffered significant turnover rates.

If Biden’s poll numbers are an indication of where Democrats are heading, then the party is in very big trouble.

What do you think about Jen Psaki’s advice to Democrats? Do you believe Biden’s 39% approval rating is going to weigh down the Democrat Party? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments area.