Jill Biden Reportedly Struggling with Being First Lady

If there’s one thing the Biden administration has done, it’s create struggle in the United States. Thanks to the supply chain bottlenecks, Americans are struggling to get certain essentials, such as prescription medicines, on time.

The inflation disaster Biden and the Democrats created with a series of terrible spending bills have constructed economic struggle for innumerable Americans. With the spending value of the US dollar getting smaller and smaller, people are having to make some tough choices.

What’s even more of a struggle for so many folks is watching Democrats keep going down a path that will only engender more disaster for the country. This is all the more reason why Republicans lead Democrats in generic ballots mirroring the 2022 midterms.

However, amid the very real problems people in this country are up against, Jill Biden, the first lady, has decided to talk about what a struggle she thinks it is to be the president’s wife, according to Fox News.

Jill Biden on the Struggles of Being First Lady

During a CBS interview, Biden talked about the challenges of being married to the president of the United States. Biden maintains that her position as first lady is one that extends 24 hours each day and seven days each week.

There’s more, though. Jill Biden, in her infinite wisdom, also stated that being first lady isn’t quite panning out the way she imagined it would. Biden remarked that as the president’s wife, her work is more challenging than she anticipated.

Apparently, the issues that Biden has chosen to center on as the first lady of the United States include the fight against cancer, along with supporting this country’s military families.

Since becoming the first lady, Biden’s also made it a point to continue working in education as she did before her husband was the president.

The Most Tone-deaf Interview of All Time?

Amid Americans struggling day to day just to keep their heads above water, Jill Biden decided it was a good idea to bemoan the struggles of being married to the president. What makes this especially tone-deaf is the reality that Biden’s husband is the culprit of so many Americans’ misfortunes.

There is no wonder that Joe Biden’s approval ratings are getting progressively lower. In fact, they might sink a few more percentage points after the comments his wife publically shared with CBS.

Like her husband, Jill Biden remains shamefully disconnected from the American people and the adverse impacts stemming from her husband’s policies and presidency.

What do you think of Jill Biden complaining about having to be first lady, amid many Americans struggling due to the decisions her husband made since getting into the White House? Let us know below in the comments field.