Joe Manchin Not Backing Down from Opposing Biden’s Radical Agenda

Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” agenda is as radical and threatening as many people can wrap their minds around. Right now, a key segment of this agenda entails a ridiculously costly spending bill that would raise taxes and slash income nationwide.

The president and his allies in Washington D.C. are lying to the American public. They’re saying that a $0.00 fee comes out of a spending package worth $3.5 trillion. In no universe does that make even an iota of sense.

However, as Republicans oppose this radical agenda of the president, a few moderate Democrats in the Senate are doing the same.

Much to the rage of radical progressives, Manchin is sticking to his guns. This week, the West Virginia senator shared new insight into where he’s coming from, as Breitbart News confirms.

Manchin’s Latest Remarks on the Biden Agenda

On Wednesday, the Democrat lawmaker expressed his concerns about an “entitlement society” that Biden’s agenda enables. Instead, Manchin is of the view that U.S. society should encourage people and rewards those who do well.

Likewise, the senator is sticking by his vow to only support a spending package that doesn’t surpass $1.5 trillion. Thus far, Biden’s bill surpasses this amount by $2 trillion; therefore, unless this changes, the president’s legislation won’t make it past a tightly split Senate.

Progressives like Bernie Sanders are outraged that Manchin isn’t supporting Biden’s agenda. Sanders infamously declared that two people (Sens. Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both Democrats) shouldn’t be able to block what 48 Democrat senators want.

Recognizing the Unspoken Facts

Sanders failed to mention that all 50 Republican senators also oppose Biden’s spending bill. If Biden and Democrats were able to reach across the aisle, they wouldn’t need every single vote from all their senators to pass a spending package.

Of course, working across the aisle would mean not packing a bill with one bad policy after the other. Democrats remain committed to bad policies; therefore, they aren’t getting any GOP Senate votes…or the votes of two moderates within their party.

Without these two moderates, Biden and Democrats don’t stand a chance of passing a spending bill…and they know it. At this point, the progressive left is essentially banging its head on the wall and then asking why it hurts.

They don’t want to work across the aisle with Republicans; yet, at the same time, progressives are enraged with the moderates in their own party who also don’t support Biden’s radical legislation.

At this time, the opposition against the president’s $3.5 trillion bill is bipartisan; rather than making some changes, progressive lawmakers are insisting only their way can work. As we can all see, this won’t get them anywhere.

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