Joe Rogan Shows Strong Support For Gay Marriage

Democrats, since Roe v. Wade was tossed by the Supreme Court, are sounding the alarm that other settled rulings, such as gay marriage legalization, could be next.

In making these claims, Democrats cited an opinion from Justice Clarence Thomas calling for the reconsideration of rulings pertaining to gay marriage and contraception access.

Some Republicans, such as Sen. Ted Cruz, are openly opposed to gay marriage. However, other Republicans, like Rep. Kat Cammack, are supportive of gay marriage rights.

Right now, legislation to uphold gay marriage as the law of the land is currently making its way through Congress. Podcast host Joe Rogan recently weighed in on this, coming out fully in support of gay marriage, per The Blaze.

Rogan on Gay Marriage Rights

During one of the Joe Rogan Experience’s podcast episodes with comedian Andrew Schulz, Rogan was very clear that he supports gay marriage.

The podcaster noted the legal benefits associated with marriage in general, saying gay people should also have the right to legally affirm their relationships in this way.

Rogan then criticized Sen. Marco Rubio for claiming the gay marriage bill currently working its way through Congress is a waste of time. The podcast host said it’s not a waste of time and that it’s important to gay people who want to ensure their rights to get married remain intact.

Later, Rogan suggested that Republicans who are “going after” gay marriage have a vested interest in people fighting one another over various social issues. He also warned that to take away gay marriage would be to take away freedom itself.

More Viral Remarks From Rogan

Later during the podcast, Rogan also made it clear that he’s not a “secret conservative” as some of his detractors have claimed. The host stated people who make that claim absolutely have no clue what they’re talking about.

Rogan stated his support for police, the military, the Second Amendment, etc., doesn’t take away from his backing of provisions like social safety nets.

Likewise, the podcast host claims he’s not someone who believes in keeping all his money to himself and not paying any taxes.

Later, Rogan warned that people who oppose gay marriage are opposed to gay people themselves. Branding opposition to gay marriage as homophobia, Rogan also claimed that Republicans who don’t support gay marriage are a prime element keeping him from joining the GOP.

On social media, both left-wingers and conservatives alike have weighed in on these latest remarks from Joe Rogan.

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