Justice Department Now Investigating Andrew Cuomo


Months ago, the now-former governor of New York was forced to resign. Andrew Cuomo stepped down as the governor after at least 11 women accused him of subjecting them to sexual misconduct.

The former governor has steadfastly denied the charges against him. Yet, documents from the office of Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, tell a different story. These reports show that Cuomo did, in fact, sexually abuse multiple women.  

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According to the former Democrat governor, all of this is induced by political agendas and nothing else. However, James is not a Republican, but a Democrat.

As of late, Fox News has confirmed the Justice Department of the United States has an ongoing federal investigation into Andrew Cuomo.

The Department of Justice vs. Andrew Cuomo

The subject of the federal investigation into the former New York governor is the multiple sexual abuse claims standing against him. At this point in time, there is a real possibility that Cuomo broke civil statutes amid these claims.

The state of New York has confirmed the legitimacy of this investigation. However, through his spokesperson, Cuomo is still alleging this is all about politics and nothing else.

Right now, the investigation is looking into Cuomo’s behavior with women spanning over the years of 2013 to 2020. According to the office of the New York attorney general, Cuomo’s conduct breached both federal laws and state laws.

Chris Cuomo, the younger brother of the former governor, was fired earlier this week from CNN. His termination from the left-wing news network arrived after reports broke of Cuomo using his media contacts as a CNN employee to dig into his brother’s female accusers.

More News on the Investigation

When the investigation first began, the subject centered around how Cuomo responded to COVID in 2020. As Americans know now, when he was governor, Cuomo forced nursing home residents to be in direct proximity with folks who were positive for the virus.

Such a short-sighted decision predictably and tragically caused multiple people to die in nursing homes. Later, Andrew Cuomo did his best to keep these events under wraps and pushed his aides to stay silent about the matter.

Yet, the story eventually broke. The former New York governor, in light of the sexual abuse allegations and his management of COVID, is taking a lot of backlash.

Some Americans believe Cuomo thought himself to be above the law and capable of doing anything with impunity. It is for these reasons that many people are hopeful the Justice Department’s probe will show that not a single person remains beyond the law of the land.

What are your thoughts about the investigation into Andrew Cuomo? Do you believe it’s going to head anywhere? Let us know below in the comments area.