Justice Department Reacts to Complaints of Disruptive Airline Passengers

Earlier this month, the CEO of Delta Airlines penned a letter to the Justice Department with a very straightforward request.

CEO Ed Bastian asked the department to ensure that any individual who is convicted of causing trouble on aircraft is sentenced to the United States’ no-fly list.

Bastian stated that such a measure would show zero tolerance for unruly travelers, while also incentivizing people to behave while they’re traveling on airplanes.

The Delta CEO’s request comes after massive rises of violent confrontations on aircraft since 2020. Bastian also noted that Delta’s seen a nearly 100% uptick in these incidents since 2019.

According to Fox Business, the Justice Department has just issued a response to the Delta CEO’s request.

The Department of Justice on Disruptive Airline Travelers

In a public statement regarding the letter from the Delta CEO, the Justice Department made some clear points. First, the agency noted it is committed to ensuring that people who threaten the safety of those on aircraft are held accountable.

Likewise, the Justice Department also didn’t rule out disruptive travelers being put on the nation’s no-fly list. To this end, however, the Department of Justice is going to be forwarding Bastian’s letter over to what they called “appropriate departments.”

Over the course of 2022 alone, there are close to 400 incidents that have been reported of people causing serious disruptions while traveling on aircraft.

Since 2020, Delta Airlines has banned pluralities of people from flying with them over violations of mask mandates. However, Delta’s also pushed for airlines to coordinate lists of individuals who wind up either violating mask policies or otherwise behaving in unruly fashions.

Backlash Against Delta Airlines

Some people have balked at Delta’s suggestion for certain individuals to put be on America’s no-fly list. Individuals with concerns believe the no-fly list could ultimately be weaponized beyond the inclusion of folks convicted of crimes while on aircraft.

In response to Bastian’s letter to the Department of Justice, some folks have stated that Delta Airlines should be boycotted altogether. Other people have deemed the no-fly list itself as being problematic and something which should cease to exist.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen whether or not the CEO of Delta gets his wish. However, the levels of controversy and strong opinions tied to the proposed expansion of the no-fly list certainly won’t be going away anytime soon.

Thus far, other airlines have not joined Delta in advocating for putting new names on a list that bans commercial airline travel.

What do you think about the Justice Department’s response to Delta urging that individuals convicted of unruly conduct on aircraft be banned from all US commercial flights? Let us know where you stand on this below in the comments section.