Kamala Harris Makes Wild Allegation

Kamala Harris Makes Wild Allegation

(WatchDogNews.org) – Earlier this week, President Donald Trump announced he was going to begin presidential rallies again. His first stop will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) heard about the event and made a crazy accusation.

The senator doesn’t believe the event is being held for the president’s campaign, because the election is right around the corner. Nope, not that. Harris said the president is holding some kind of white supremacist rally.

Can the president ever do anything without being painted as a monster? He’s in the middle of an election year and he hasn’t been able to interact with his supporters because of COVID-19. So, he’s holding a rally. That’s totally normal, unless you are Kamala Harris, apparently.

Senator Harris just has it out for him. She’s been one of his most vocal opponents since he was elected. Nothing he does will satisfy her.

Trump Campaign Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson brushed off criticism and said the president is aware of the date, that he belongs to “the party of Lincoln,” and pointed out that Trump has made life for black Americans better. Meanwhile, Biden’s walking around declaring who is black enough and Harris is silent. We wonder why?

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