Kamala Harris Wants More Flattering Coverage from the Media

Vice President Kamala Harris is one of the least popular vice presidents in history. She’s repeatedly made one misstep after the other, yet somehow refuses to take responsibility. President Biden designated Harris as the point person to deal with the problems at the U.S.-Mexico border, yet these problems have only worsened.

It’s very clear that Americans are not pleased with Harris’ leadership. This explains why her disapproval ratings are higher than her approval ratings. It also explains why more Americans are calling Harris out for doing absolutely nothing regarding the situation at the Southern border.

In a recent interview, however, the vice president noted her frustrations with how she is covered in the media. According to Breitbart News, Harris wants more flattering coverage from the press.

Harris on the Way the Media Covers Her

During a sit down with The Atlantic, Harris claimed that the media puts “soundbites” on a pedestal, more than they do actual substance. The vice president also asserted that actual thoughts and real depth are not taken or reportedly seriously by the media.

Harris is reportedly “fed up” with how the media covers her. Although, ironically enough, many Americans are fed up with Harris in general. Her disapproval ratings prove that. Another matter deals with reports of the vice president forcing her staffers to operate in hostile working environments.

There are reports that even Harris’ own allies are concerned about whether or not she can truly be an asset to the Democrat Party ahead of next year’s congressional midterm elections. Other Americans have reservations about whether or not Harris should run for president in 2024, should Joe Biden not be up for another campaign.

Right now, Harris has much more critical things to worry about than whether or not the media is singing her praises.

Tone Deaf Leadership

Harris’ latest remarks to The Atlantic just speak to how tone deaf the current leadership has become. Instead of complaining to the media about how she is covered, the vice president should be focusing on matters such as the Southern border, public safety, and inflation.

Harris and the Biden administration at large appear completely oblivious from the concerns that Americans harbor regarding the current leadership at hand. It’s not a good look; however, it is a prime example as to why Democrats should never be voted into power.

The Biden administration’s time in the White House has only led to more chaos, disruption, danger, and trouble across the nation.

What do you think about the vice president’s complaints regarding the ways in which the media covers her? Do you believe Kamala Harris is in touch with the concerns of the American people? Let us know below in the comments section.