Kansas Democrat Governor Breaks with Biden on Federal Vaccine Mandate

When President Biden heard Republicans were planning to challenge him legally over his sweeping COVID vaccine mandates, the president said “have at it.” However, as the saying goes, you should be careful what you wish for.

Republicans, business groups, religious bodies, and multiple states are suing the Biden administration over its vaccination requirement for both businesses with 100+ workers and for federal contractors.

The lawsuits maintain Biden doesn’t have the power to make such edicts at the federal level. Over the weekend, the Federal Appeals Court paused Biden’s mandate with a stay until further legal reviews are complete.

However, it turns out Republicans aren’t the only ones who have issues with the president’s federal vaccine mandate. Kansas Democrat Governor Laura Kelly released a statement on Friday, noting she disagrees with President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate, according to Fox News.

Governor Kelly on Biden’s Nationwide Vaccine Mandate

In the Democrat governor’s statement, she confirmed reviewing the contents of Biden’s vaccine requirement. Governor Kelly noted she favors the sentiment of public safety, yet does not believe Biden’s mandate is proper or appropriate.

In the latter segment of the Democrat governor’s public statement, she professed the ship has sailed on passing a federal mandate since Americans have already constructed various systems and plans that meet existing needs.

Finally, Kelly confirmed she will proceed to search for a resolution that best fits the needs of Kansas residents.

Continued Pushback Against Biden’s Mandate

The Kansas governor’s concise statement opposing the president’s nationwide vaccination mandate came as a shock to many Americans. Thus far, Kelly is the only Democrat to openly speak out against Biden’s edict and state that it is not the correct solution.

At this point in time, Americans are going to have to see how the Federal Appeals Court moves next on Biden’s mandate. Republican leaders have already celebrated the current halt on the mandate, saying there’s no way the courts will uphold something like this.

Other opponents of Biden’s vaccine mandate maintain only states have the power to do what the 46th president is attempting to employ. Over the weekend, a White House staffer stated the administration thinks Biden’s edict will be upheld; however, many Americans hold otherwise.

Pushback against Biden’s mandate isn’t going away. In fact, with Kansas Democrat Governor Laura Kelly coming out against the edict, it will be interesting to see whether or not other Democrats speak up and announce that they, too, oppose Biden’s mandate.

Are you surprised to learn a Democrat governor does not approve of Biden’s nationwide COVID vaccine mandate? Also, do you think the court will ultimately rule against this sweeping edict the Biden administration is trying to cram down Americans’ throats? Let us know in the comments field below.