Kari Lake Fires Back at Criticism From Liz Cheney

In Arizona, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is a rising star. Lake is currently running against Democrat Katie Hobbs, who is declining to debate her.

In response to this, Lake’s started an Ask Me Anything Tour where Arizona residents can get her views on the issues and learn more about her as a candidate.

Polling shows that Lake could very well end up defeating Hobbs and becoming the next governor. It turns out the Arizona Democrat’s refusal to debate Lake isn’t doing her (Hobbs) any favors. This matter has even come up during Hobbs’ various campaign events.

Recently, outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney stated that she’d be working hard to ensure Lake does not win her election. The Arizona Republican recently responded to this, as documented by Breitbart News.

Lake’s Response to Cheney

On Fox News, Lake was asked about Cheney saying she would be willing to campaign for Democrats if it meant keeping Lake out of the Arizona governor’s mansion.

To this end, Lake said the anti-endorsement from the Wyoming congresswoman could very well be “the best gift” she’s ever gotten. Later, the Arizona Republican stated that Cheney isn’t very well-liked in Wyoming or Arizona.

Lake then suggested that Cheney could go ahead and switch her party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. The Arizona GOP candidate also noted that today’s GOP is a “We the People” party, rather than a “warmongers” party.

Thus far, Cheney has not publicly reacted to this rebuttal from Lake.

More on Lake’s Campaign For Arizona

As Kari Lake works to become Arizona’s next governor, she’s making her campaign open to all residents of Arizona. This includes inviting Independents and even Democrats to join her.

Lake’s Ask Me Anything Tour is widely marketed as a chance for people who may be unsure or even not amicable towards her to ask questions and learn more.

Thus far, the Arizona Republican’s stated if she’s elected as governor, she’ll prioritize the education of children, the economic welfare of the state, and other policies that put the best interests of the people first.

If Lake does end up winning the race to become Arizona’s next governor, it will also contribute to part of a projected red wave that’s expected to happen in November.

Seeing as Arizona’s current governor is also a Republican, the people of the state may not be too eager to elect a Democrat, especially one like Hobbs who continues to turn down opportunities to debate her opponent.

What do you think about Kari Lake’s response to Liz Cheney? Do you believe Lake will ultimately win her election and become Arizona’s next governor? In the area for comments down below, you are more than welcome to let us know how you believe this will play out.