Kari Lake Isn’t Backing Down From Her Arizona Gubernatorial Election

In Arizona, Republican Kari Lake is running to be the next governor. Lake has been clear that she supports former President Trump and believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Running against Lake for the Arizona gubernatorial seat is Democrat Katie Hobbs. Hobbs, unlike Lake, does not believe the election was rigged against Trump. However, she’s been clear that she’s not happy with Lake for holding and vocalizing these views.

In fact, the Arizona Democrat is so displeased with Lake that she’s refusing to participate in the traditional debates for candidates who want to get elected. Lake has been clear that she thinks Hobbs is a coward who just can’t defend her political positions.

With Hobbs refusing to debate her though, Lake has found an alternative way to connect with voters and answer their questions about her policies, per Breitbart News.

The ‘Ask Me Anything’ Tour

Across Arizona, Lake is holding a campaign event where voters can ask her various questions about, well, anything they’d like.

In Phoenix, Lake held her first event where she answered inquiries from state residents for close to an hour. The Arizona Republican also stated that she wants people of all political views to join her campaign and vote for her.

While formally announcing the Ask Me Anything Tour, Lake said that Hobbs is determined to hide from the media and from voters themselves.

Lake, on the other hand, expressed that she’s taking a different angle and will keep reaching out to Arizona residents, even those who may not be fully on board with her yet.

A Bad Look For Hobbs

As Kari Lake continues to get out there, engage with voters, and open herself up to questions, there’s been no such transparency from Katie Hobbs.

Generally, candidates who will not debate their political rivals aren’t necessarily viewed in the best light.

Many Americans share the view that even if a candidate detests the views of their opposition, they should still be willing to get on the debate stage for the voters, if nothing else.

Lake’s Ask Me Anything Tour likewise gives her the appearance of being more accessible to Arizona voters, while Hobbs appears more reserved.

Some people argue that not liking a political opponent’s views is all the more reason to debate them in an open forum and then let voters decide.

Polls have shown that Lake and Hobbs are fairly close; although with the Arizona Republican being the only one willing to debate and openly answer questions, this may ultimately win her the governor’s mansion in November.

Do you think Kari Lake will win the election to become Arizona’s next governor? You’re more than welcome to share your viewpoints with us in the comments area.