Katie Hill cried for days after Republican took her congressional seat


On May 12, Republican ex-navy fighter pilot won the California congressional seat vacated by the disgraced Democrat Katie Hill. Hill, like so many Democrats including Joe Biden, was caught up in a sex scandal after an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate. The depth of Democrats’ involvement in the Epstein sex ring is slowly emerging, lending credence to the culture of predation revealed in the earlier, hushed-up pizza-gate scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton. 

This is the first time a Republican has held a seat in California since 1998. 

On Sunday, Katie Hill the sexual predator told the media that she cried for days after the Republicans flipped her seat, surely more tears than she shed for the victim of her abuse of power. Hill used some colorful language in describing to the media how devastating the loss, a consequence of her actions was. 

Republican novice beat candidate backed by Obama, Biden


The Republican, Captain Mike Garcia defeated his Democratic rival Christy Smith in the special election despite having no experience campaigning or with politics generally. Smith enjoyed the vocal support of Democratic nomenklatura like Obama, Biden, and Nancy Pelosi. It was no match for the fighter pilot and the enthusiastic support he received from President Trump. 

“So yeah it really hurt to have my old seat flip back to Republican-for a ton of people & also for me,” Hill commented on social media this week. “In fact, it was pretty fucking devastating. I went offline & cried for a few days but, as always, getting ready to stand back up & keep fighting. Hope you are too.”


Katie Hill’s hysterical fit on Twitter

Katie Hill has lamented that the congressional seat would still be hers had an ex-partner not given “nonconsensual nude pics of me to the ppl who wanted this seat- people who were backing Garcia when he was my opponent . . . They gave those pics to the press, I resigned. I take full responsibility for my mistakes, but this Republican win is no coincidence.” 

Garcia flipped the seat thanks largely to his strong position on gun rights and a rule-of-law-based immigration policy. Trump lost the district by 6 points in 2016 but Garcia managed to win by an impressive 12 points. He will have to defend his victory in November.