Keystone XL Pipeline Comes Back to Haunt Biden

President Biden appears to have a vested interest in witnessing the failure and destruction of America’s energy sector. This has been made apparent through witnessing Biden’s energy policies since he took office.

In January, Biden shut down Keystone Pipeline, shuttering 11,000 jobs, and then months later, giving the green light for Russia to start its own pipeline.

On top of this, Biden’s been looking into enacting the shutdown of Line 5, a Michigan pipeline that is much needed as energy prices rise.

Now, the president’s own policies have caused gas and energy costs to skyrocket. However, this hasn’t stopped Biden from accusing oil and gas companies of price gouging.

America’s energy independence is effectively on life support and that’s having some ugly ripple effects. Now, Biden is facing calls from someone within his own party to reinstate the Keystone Pipeline that he shut down back in January, as Washington Examiner confirms.

Sen. Joe Manchin’s Message to the 46th President

On Tuesday, Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, declared it is imperative for Biden to reinstate operations for Keystone Pipeline.

Manchin explained the United States is in dire need of more energy production here in our nation. The Democrat lawmaker also explained the reinstatement of Keystone Pipeline would permit hundreds of thousands of new oil barrels for America each day.

Finally, Manchin declared his call for Biden to resume Keystone Pipeline operations is about the United States’ energy independence levels. The West Virginia lawmaker additionally warned America shouldn’t be reliant upon entities like OPEC+ for critical resources.

Manchin has a well-established pattern of backing the energy sector; this makes sense, considering his constituents live in West Virginia. The senator additionally noted how the reinstatement of Keystone Pipeline would benefit union jobs in America.

Oil and Gas Drilling

Earlier this month, the oil and gas companies got a win when a court order forced the White House to remove its ban against energy operations and drilling on federal waters and lands.

Even the White House was forced to concede it lost this battle; however, the White House also announced it was looking into contesting this ruling via the Justice Department.

Here’s the reality, though. America needs fossil fuels; the United States also needs oil and gas. Biden’s anti-energy, anti-fossil fuel policies only put the nation at risk.

These policies also hurt the economy by ripping away desperately needed jobs from hardworking Americans. Just as the courts stepped in to rule Biden cannot stop oil and gas drilling, they also need to rule the president may not hold Keystone Pipeline hostage for a second longer.

What do you think about Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin calling for the president to reinstate Keystone Pipeline? Do you believe a judge should make Biden do this? Let us know in the comments section below.