LA’s Far Left Soft-on-Crime DA is Causing Murders

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon made a number of very bad decisions in which he put LA residents’ lives at risk.

Recently, a man was murdered by another man who was supposed to be in prison and not on the streets. This is one of many cases where Gascon’s bail reform and soft-on-crime policies are leading to murder.

Letting Criminals Walk Free

This latest outrage is the case of Stefen Sutherland. He got arrested for stabbing a person with a lethal weapon in 2020. At the time, Sutherland had been sent to prison by the Los Angeles County Parole Department.

Whereas Gascon’s office intervened and ordered Sutherland’s release on the grounds that Sutherland had a mental health disorder.

He was let out and then murdered his upstairs neighbor Jennifer Gomez, shooting her eight times. She died on the scene.

The suspected motive for the crime is that Gomez made a lot of noise in her apartment. Los Angeles police found about 20 shell casings at the crime scene of Gomez’s murder.

Gascon’s Office Defends Itself

After suffering numerous criticisms, Gascon’s office ruled on the Gomez case.

According to Gascon’s office, at the time of the 2020 crime, a psychologist, the officer in the case, said the ideal would be for Sutherland to be put into a treatment program.

Then, Gascon, the prosecutor in the case, accepted the defense’s request for mental health treatment. Whatever happened next isn’t Gascon’s fault, supposedly.

Apparently, Gascon does not understand how dangerous it is to make soft-on-crime decisions that could put the lives of good citizens at risk. Gascon doesn’t care about Gomez. He simply washed his blood-stained hands.

The Bottom Line

Gascon is a nightmare and his soft-on-crime policies are leading to skyrocketing murder rates in the City of Angels. People like him are making America fall apart and putting us all in danger.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.