Left-wing Cities Move to Purge Homeless Encampments

In many left-wing cities, homeless encampments have been a major problem. They’ve led to public health issues, safety problems, and myriad other complications.

For quite some time, left-wing cities have excused homeless encampments or simply looked the other way. Democrat leaders didn’t care all too much about homeless tents lining up and down various streets because they weren’t living in affected communities.

However, there’s been a shift as of late. Suddenly, many of the very same Democrats who looked the other way on homeless encampments have now begun taking various measures to crack down against them.

This change is occurring in multiple cities where Democrats run the show, according to Fox News.

The Future of Homeless Encampments in America

In Portland, Oregon, left-wing Mayor Ted Wheeler has admitted that things today in the community aren’t nearly as well off as they were just five years prior.

Furthermore, the Portland mayor has employed his emergency powers to disallow homeless encampments on various roads.

A similar story rings true in Seattle, Washington. Here, left-wing Mayor Bruce Harrell actually won his election by running against the widespread allowance of homeless encampments.

Since Harrell got into office, the city of Seattle has had blocks of various homeless tents and other paraphernalia removed from the streets. This comes much to the chagrin of various protesters who rallied for homeless encampments to remain as is.

Growing Problems with Homelessness in America

Across the United States, there’s been a major homelessness problem appearing in communities where Democrat mayors are running things.

Some Americans have stated that Democrats lack the tools to truly combat homelessness crises in effective manners. One common criticism asserts that simply having homeless individuals moved from point a to point b is not going to make the problem disappear.

Then, there are other critics who believe that Democrats’ policies, such as high taxes, stiff regulations on businesses, etc., have priced people out of their homes.

Needless to say, ongoing inflation isn’t doing any favors in reducing the number of people who are likely to find themselves out on the streets.

As prices rise, many people living paycheck and paycheck are seeing the value of their paychecks dwindle.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is too busy spreading lies about inflation and gaslighting people who aren’t pleased with these major price increases.

Crime, homelessness, and economic issues are matters that will continue to follow Democrats until real and long-lasting solutions are finally implemented.

What do you think about Democrats’ latest shift as it pertains to homeless encampments around the United States? Let us know in the comments area below if you truly believe the Democrat Party and its leaders are serious about bringing an end to homelessness.