Leftist PAC Trashes Biden Agenda as Unfulfilled

The Democrat Party is on its way to utter implosion; it’s only a matter of time, seeing the policies, actions, and leadership that the party has chosen to embrace. Time and time again, Democrats have proven that they’d rather embrace wokeness over common sense. 

Right now, America is getting a clear image of what leftist leadership entails. Democrats have Congress and the White House; yet, no one is really better off for it. Gas prices are higher; inflation is a disaster and the U.S-Mexico border remains in shambles. 

What’s even more ironic about all this is that the left is hardly singing Biden’s praises. For all the damage this president has done, he’s still under fire from his own party for not doing enough. 

According to Fox News, a Democrat-run PAC is calling out President Biden for not truly fulfilling his agenda. 

The Biden Agenda in America Today

The leftist super PAC that has a bone to pick with President Biden is called Unite the Country; yet ironically, this president is doing precisely the opposite. Nevertheless, Unite the Country, unlike Republicans, doesn’t have an issue with the contents of the Biden agenda.

Instead, the leftist PAC believes that Biden needs to do a better job of communicating this agenda and showcasing results to the American public. Unite the Country views this as critical to Democrats holding onto congressional power after the November 2022 midterms. 

In a memo, Unite the Country stated that many voters are having a tough time figuring out what Biden’s truly achieved as president. Therefore, the left-wing super PAC believes Biden ought to draw more attention to his infrastructure proposals and $1.9 trillion spending bill.

In multiple social media posts, Unite the Country has made clear its fears of Republicans taking back power in Congress.  

A Crumbling President

Right before the nation’s very eyes, President Biden is crumbling. Biden’s crumbling as he fails to fix the disaster at the Southern border; the current president is also coming apart at the seams as he fails to acknowledge his party’s role in the crime jumps happening across the country.

Instead, the Biden White House is too busy trying to rewrite facts and fault Republicans for the defund the police movement. Time and time again, this current president has shown that he is not up to the task of leading the free world. Just last week, Biden revealed that he has in the work a “door to door” vaccination plan for Americans not immunized against COVID.

What do you think about Unite the Country’s claims regarding President Biden’s agenda? What do you make of the job that Biden has done as president thus far? Share your feedback in the section for comments below.