Lia Thomas Defeated in NCAA Woman of the Year Competition

For a decent amount of time now, there’s been a lot of talk and debate concerning biological males/transgender women in biological women’s sports.

Many Americans have pointed out that due to the physical advantages males often have over females, it’s not fair for them to compete in women’s sports.

Even when biological males take estrogen or other gender reassignment hormones, they still have certain advantages over biological females.

Naturally, Democrats have rejected this in its entirety, despite it being backed by biological science. When transgender swimmer Lia Thomas began swimming in women’s sports, despite being biologically male, the left said anyone who had issues with this was “transphobic.”

Democrats also repeated the same talking points when Thomas was put up for Woman of the Year by the NCAA. Although, Thomas has since been defeated and beaten out for the Woman of the Year competition by a biological woman, per Washington Examiner.

A Victory For Women

Columbia University fencer Sylvie Binder ultimately ended up being chosen by the NCAA to represent the Ivy League conference for the Woman of the Year award.

Binder’s now heading to the next round after a victory in 2019 in NCAA fencing. This upcoming October, the NCAA will announce the remaining 30 competitors for the Woman of the Year award.

Then, by the time January 2023 arrives, the winner will be chosen and announced accordingly.

Binder’s representation comes as many people have sounded the alarm about the importance of protecting women’s sports. It’s been noted that when biological males compete in sports for biological females, it often takes away from women.

It also can’t be missed that Lia Thomas, when competing as a male, was majorly behind other men in sports competitions. Yet, upon joining women’s sports, Thomas began winning top slots.

An Alternate Option

Some Americans have suggested that a separate category for transgender sports players would put to bed a lot of issues surrounding biological males competing in sports that are for biological women.

However, many Democrats remain opposed to this as well. They believe that a separate category would “otherize” sports players like Lia Thomas. However, people with this view haven’t shown much concern for the issues brought up by women on these sports teams.

It remains to be seen how long Lia Thomas competes in women’s sports before moving on to other endeavors.

Some people have even questioned whether or not Thomas is aware of the impact he’s having on the women who’ve worked hard to make a name for themselves in women’s sports.

What do you think about Lia Thomas being defeated in the Woman of the Year contest? You’re more than welcome to let us know about your views in the comments feed.